Applied Bioinformatics Course [中文]


We have seminars at the end of each semester. You may choose a member of your group to make a presentation. You are encouraged to talk about the application of the approach you have learned in the course onto your on-going research projects. Following are the PPT slides (mixture of English and Chinese) of talks in the recent semesters.

CAAS 2013 Fall M.S. Class (10/11 January 2014)

PKU 2013 Fall Class (10 January 2014)

CAAS 2013 Fall Ph.D Class ( 1/2 December 2013)

CAAS 2013 Winter Class (23 June 2013)

CAAS 2013 Spring Class 2 (22 June 2013)

CAAS 2013 Spring Class 1 (21 June 2013)

PKU 2013 Spring Class (21 June 2013)

All the PDF file of the above lectures can be downloaded freely for teaching. The copyright belongs to the original authors.

Previous seminars

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