Applied Bioinformatics Course [中文]


We have seminars at the end of each semester. You may choose a member of your group to make a presentation. You are encouraged to talk about the application of the approach you have learned in the course onto your on-going research projects. Following are the PPT slides (mixture of English and Chinese) of talks in the recent semesters.

CAAS21 MS3 students (2022/2/23 - 2022/5/15)

CAAS21 MS2 students (2022/2/22 - 2022/5/14)

CAAS21 students (2021/9/26 - 2022/1/23)

PKU21 students (2021/9/13 - 2022/1/16)

CAAS21PhD students (2021/9/13 - 2021/12/19)

Previous seminars

20 November 2023, J Luo, CBI, PKU, Beijing, China