Applied Bioinformatics Course [中文]

Bioinformatics tools

There are many bioinformatics tools over the Internet. Thanks to the great contribution of the scientific community of bioinformatics research and development. They make the bioinformatics programs and packages freely available to the end user biologists. The web-based tools can be accessed through the Internet using the web browsers. Users may also download and install some of the packages on a local machine to run the programs.

The journal Nucleic Acids Research publishes a special Web Service issue every year: NAR Web Server papers

Pairwise sequence alignment

Multiple sequence alignment

Sequence similarity search

Web-based bioinformatics platforms

Bioinformatics packages to be downloaded and installed locally

Protein sequence analysis and function prediction

Motif finding

Primer Design

Gene identification

Molecular phylogeny

3D visualization

Protein modeling

RNA tools

List of bioinformatics tools at international bioinformatics centers

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