Applied Bioinformatics Course [中文]

Sequence analysis of Squamosa promoter binding protein (SBP) transcription factors

The Squamosa promoter binding proteins (SBPs) are a family of plant-specific transcription factors. They play critical roles in regulating flower and fruit development as well as other physiological processes. SBP-box genes encode proteins sharing a conserved DNA-binding domain of 79 amino acid residues. the DNA-binding domain of SBPs consisted of two separate zinc-binding sites. One zinc finger is C3H or C4 and the other is C2HC. Guo et al (2008) made a genome-wide identification of SBP-box genes from 9 species representing the main plant lineages and performed phylogenetic analysis and classification to explore the evolution of SBP-box gene family. We use the SBP TF family as a example to study tools for the analysis of the exon-intron structure, the pattern of the conserved motifs, and the construction of phylogenetics tree.




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6 July 2024, J Luo, CBI, PKU, Beijing, China